Northampton Completes "Chillin4Charity" Challenge

Northampton Completes "Chillin4Charity" Challenge

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Tuesday afternoon as temperatures approached 95 degrees, President Mark Erickson, Director of Athletics Troy Tucker and Associate Athletic Director Adrian Yaguez each cooled off with an ice water bath as the Northampton administrators stepped up to meet the "Chillin4Charity" Challenge as part of a national fundraiser to support cancer research.

The fundraising campaign started on June 9 when the women's basketball team at the University of Arizona urged coaches and players from the Pacific-12 Athletic Conference to take the "Cold Water Challenge" by having a jug of ice water poured over their heads.  As the fundraising campaign went viral, coaches and adminstrators throughout the country have been "challenging" colleagues to participate.  According to rules posted on the University of Arizona website, each coach/individual who is challenged has 48 hours to respond to the challenge, if the the individual does not meet the challenge, he/she has to contribute $250 to the Kay Yow Foundation.   For each coach/individual who does answer the challenge, the challenger will contribute $50.

The foundation was founded in memory of Kay Yow, the former North Carolina State and U.S. Olympic Team coach who died of breast cancer in 2009. It has already contributed $3.8 million to research into cancers that affect women.

Northampton received two challenges in one week, as Tammy Smith, dean of college life at Union County College in New Jersey, challenged Tucker and Dr. Ann Bieber, president of Lehigh Carbon Community College, did the same to Dr. Erickson.

Before getting doused with five gallons of ice water, each of Northampton's participants issued challenges of their own; Dr. Erickson challenged Dr. Marcia Welsh, President of East Stroudsburg University, Tucker challenged Mr. AJ Trump, Director of Athletics at Ocean County College and Yaguez challenged Mr. Kenny Boullion, Head Baseball Coach at Camden County College.